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Kitchen Remodel
& Design Project in Raleigh, NC

Bathroom and Cabinet Remodeling in Raleigh

Please find “Bathroom Remodel and Design Project in Chapel Hill, NC” project details below.

Showroom: Raleigh, NC
Designer: Baris Demir
Cabinet Line: Forevermark
Door Style: Brown

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, they bought a craftsman-style house and decided to rebuild the bathroom. Their bahtroom’s layout was already roomy; all it required was a general “Refresh.” The family visited Cabinet and Closet Depot to work with designer Baris to create their ideal bathroom because they were aware that they wanted a “trendy” bathroom. The family did not like their current bathroom’s unattractive features and extreme darkness. For instance, a desk area that wasn’t used or required. Baris turned this space into with gorgeous cabinets, making it both useful and aesthetically pleasing. The family selected Forevermark Midtown Grey cabinetry. These cabinets look fantastic with brown.

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