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Need more storage space in your home?

If you are considering renovating your home, why not add some more storage or even better storage to your house. Whether it is your bedroom closet or kitchen cabinets, the right closet storage systems will make all of the difference in your home.

Well organized closets not only provide you with more storage space, but leave your home less cluttered as well. It is easier to find you belongings and even promotes better productivity – especially for us folks working from home these days.

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot, we know everything there is to know about closet storage systems. Not only do we offer bespoke service for those who need something extraordinary, but we have wide range of ready-made closet storage systems that can either be newly installed or simply incorporated into your current closets and cabinets.

We specialize in storage systems for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and home offices. From secret shelving to additional closets and charging stations for all of your tech. Whatever your storage need is, we can cater for any room and any situation.

So, if you need to make more space – opt to add some storage or to organize your excising storage better with our professional help. In the meanwhile here are a couple of tips to keep your closets better organized and more functional.

  1. Clean it all out

There is no way to determine how much space you have for storage if it is all cluttered. The best way to reorganize your storage space in any room is to clean it all out and start from scratch. While you are at it, you can actually clean the cupboards too – to make a fresh start.

This will also give your the time to choose how you will organize each storage space, before you begin packing.

  1. Add some storage boxes

An easy way to help compartmentalize your shelving or cabinets is to add some storage boxes. This is especially true for things your don’t use every day. If they are properly labeled they not only add well organized space to your closets, but will make things easier to find.

  1. Add some vertical levels

Many people are surprised to see how much storage space is left unused in cupboards, especially under hanging clothes. If you choose some monochrome storage boxes to stack, it can add texture and functionality to your closet.

  1. Get drawer dividers

There is nothing as frustrating as looking for a missing sock in a sock drawer. By adding drawer dividers you can color sort your socks or stationary, arts and crafts gear or even cutlery, which significantly increases your chances of finding what you are looking for, when you look for it.

  1. Use that wall space

Dead wall space makes for great storage and can add a little bit of flair to your room or bathroom. A great example of things to store on your wall is jewelry. Consider buying or making a creative jewelry hanger that can go on your wall. This will free up some drawer space to use for something else.

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Kitchen remodeling in Raleigh

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen? We offer Raleigh kitchen remodel services at the Cabinet and Closet Depot, with a free consultation and a team of experts at your disposal. Our remodeling services follow a strict quality control protocol that involves us doing a lot of listening, and you a lot of dreaming.

Our team of designers and builders then visit your kitchen to plan out what needs to be done, while you get to shop till you drop from our extensive collection in our showroom. From cabinets to finishings, paints and flooring – we have you covered to build that dream kitchen in Raleigh.

Here is what is trending in Raleigh (kitchen renovation wise) – if you would like to keep up with the neighbors. Both of these projects brought us and these families great joy!

  1. The complete transformation

Our Raleigh kitchen remodel services did a complete transformation with the home of the Benyon family. This family purchased a traditional colonial style home that featured a traditional look with a formal dining area, and a cramped, closed-in kitchen space.

Popular trends prefer open spaces with multi functional nooks that can be used by the whole family – so we removed the wall between the kitchen and formal dining room, opening up the space into one large room for cooking and entertaining. We also widened the doorway into their family room, making the back living area of their home even more spacious.

To style the space up, we installed Uptown White cabinetry by Forevermark, with a cool neutral grey quartz by Vicostone called “Grey Savoie”. With an ornamental tile backsplash, this room shouted classic and contemporary style. To keep the traditional colonial roots of the home, a hutch and traditional base and wall cabinets as well as wide drawer banks were added in the dining area for additional storage.

Finally, the newly refurbished two pantries ensured that there is food enough for this growing family!

  1. Then there was light

The Greenbergs came to us to brighten up their dark and dreary kitchen. The remodeling of their kitchen island to be long and sleek with an overhand for seating created the necessary additional storage the family needed. To this was added a single bowl under mount sink, along with a pull out trash unit and vertical storage for cutting boards and sheet pans.

To increase air flow in the kitchen, the a brand new and stylish gas stove and exhaust hood was moved to a more convenient location. To bring light into the room, we used Uptown White by Forevermark Cabinetry, with the island in Midtown Grey by Forevermark. We also added adjustable undercabinet lighting, along with installing two additional can lights to highlight the cabinetry further.

This years popular colors include blacks, grays and clean whites, which we also incorporated into this project. We updated the beautiful wooden flooring for a natural element and splashed some new light blue paint on the walls, the result was a space that is inviting, spacious and beautiful.

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What Is A Kitchen Design Specialist, and why do you need one?

Kitchen design specialists in Raleigh. Kitchens are no longer those one-purpose-simply-functional rooms tucked in the back of the house and closed off from the rest of civilization. Modern day life requires a kitchen to be high tech, open and accessible, friendly and inviting, with a functionality that transcends cooking.

So, along with the increased complexity that is needed to plan such a room, kitchens now come with kitchen specialists. For example, if you enter our well stocked and diverse show room here at the Cabinet and Closet Depot, and wander over to the kitchen section, you will meet our resident kitchen specialist, one of the best kitchen design specialists in Raleigh.

What is a kitchen specialist?

Besides the fact that they are human, and phenomenal at what they do – a kitchen specialist is expert in current remodeling building codes and at creating functional as well as beautiful kitchen designs. They are practical and creative people who know where the best spot is for  your fridge, so it compliments the room, saves you in energy costs and is easy to reach.

They can design the kitchen of your dreams, complete with decor, accessories, finishing all to the latest trends. They know what is current in terms of appliances and color schemes, and what will suit your home and your personality.

What information will a kitchen specialist need?

The best place to begin with a kitchen makeover is a good plan. In order to formulate the whole room, a kitchen specialist will not only need to know your color scheme of choice, but some additional information as well.

So, before you buy your first appliance, think about your lifestyle and the needs of your family and pets. This is the information you should share with your kitchen design specialists in Raleigh:

  • How large is your family?
  • Should the space be multi-functional? Should the space be versatile enough to allow for office work?
  • Who does the cooking, and will you need multiple work stations?
  • How much do you entertain and where?
  • How much space is available, and what types of specialized equipment would you need?
  • Do you want a separate eating area?
  • What is your budget?
  • How would you describe the heart of your home?
  • What color schemes and designs interest you?

Even though your kitchen specialist will most likely have more questions, these should give him / her a good idea of where to begin. Once they do a site visit and start doing measurements and actively panning the kitchen layout, they will come up with drawings and a quote for you, as well as a time estimate of the renovation.

Based on the plans and the show pieces that can be seen in the showroom, you will have a good idea of what the finished product will look like, and you can decide based on that if you are happy, or if more alterations should be made.

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Renovating Your Kitchen In North Carolina? You have to read this!

Kitchen renovation in North Carolina. This may seem very forward of me but if you are considering renovating your kitchen in North Carolina area, you need to read this post. Many people have dreamed of redoing their kitchens only to end up with renovator who did not know what they are doing. So, before you consider signing up with just anyone calling themselves a renovator, read the rest of this blog and make sure to pick your renovators wisely.

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot we have a team of specialists that will work with you from consultation through to the final touches for your kitchen renovation in North Carolina. With years of experience and a great reputation, we have a 100% customer satisfaction track record.

So, although Halloween is passed, here are a couple of horror stories for you. Kitchen renovation horror stories…

The Adams Family kitchen renovation

Gwen wanted to remodel her kitchen last year, and consulted with a local company who gave her an estimate. Her brother-in-law caught wind and wouldn’t stop talking about how this contractor was ripping her off, insisting that he could do it for a fraction of the price.

Gwen graciously accepted the offer, unfortunately. First, her brother-in-law tore up the kitchen before buying the cabinets and countertop Gwen wanted, leaving Gwen without an operational kitchen for weeks. When he finally did buy the cabinets and countertop, he bought the cheapest products he could find.

The final result was doors on the wall cabinet’s that didn’t quite line up with the doors on the bottom cabinets; the countertop didn’t quite touch the wall on one side, and it hung over the edge too far on the other. To top it all off, Gwen’s brother-in-law insisted that the initial price they agreed upon was too low. He demanded more money, and the tension erupted in an ugly family argument.

The vanishing contractor

Bob decided to re-do his kitchen. He went to one of the big box stores and they gave him what he thought was a great price. This was before he realized that it didn’t include the tear-out of the old kitchen or installation of the new one. After calling a bunch of recommended contractors, each with their own problems, one said he’d come right over. He gave Bob a price and was paid in half immediately, with the other half due when he completed the work.

Bob decided to take the day off work on the day the renovation was scheduled to start, but the contractor never showed up. The next day, the contractor showed up and began tearing out the old cabinets. He got about three quarters of the way through, then knocked off for the day at about 3 p.m. He never came back. His phone doesn’t answer, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone at his place of business. There is any easy way to avoid being Glen or Bob, simply call the Cabinet and Closet Depot for you next kitchen renovation in North Carolina.

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Your Kitchen – The Heart Of The Home!

Kitchen remodeling services in Raleigh

Does your kitchen reflect the essence of your home and family, or is it simply the messy spot where everyone gathers to get some grub? The truth is that a kitchen is the heart of a home, and if this important room is not saying what you want it to say, you need to make a change!

Kitchen remodeling is what you need, and if you are anywhere in the Raleigh area, then the Cabinet and Closet Depot is where you need to go. We offer a free consulting session for kitchen remodeling services in Raleigh, and with our expert help you will soon have the kitchen, and home you have always wanted.

What is a hearty kitchen?

Kitchens are no longer simply rooms used for preparing food. They have evolved into social spaces that facilitate communication and bonding between family and friends. This initial “utilitarian space” has now become the focal point of most homes and should reflect the essence and heart of your life.

As little as 100 years ago, kitchens were merely functional, with no open plans, kitchen islands or matching bar stools with pretty hatches. Through the evolution of society, need has driven design and interior design followed new architecture. Novel kitchen spaces paved the way for technology to keep up with this new society and as our needs in the kitchen became more complex, kitchen appliances evolved to match.

So, the question of what is a hearty kitchen can be answered in one simple phrase – it is a space that is open and inviting, functional yet beautiful with an air of homeliness. Here is where families will tell takes and spend Christmas and thanksgiving with fiends and loved ones. It is here where you will gather to be nourished.

What should your kitchen say about you?

This is one of the key questions we ask potential clients when they consider our kitchen remodeling services in Raleigh. What role your kitchen plays in your life, and how the room is used will have a major influence on what your dream kitchen should look like.

The farmhouse kitchen is open and inviting, with wooden finishes and loads of space for a big family. A farmhouse kitchen says that you love to entertain family and friends. Food brings everyone together in the kitchen, where memories are made.

The modern kitchen is sleek, monochromatic and sophisticated, with clean lines and no clutter. This kitchen is for the organized cook that likes to keep up to date with the latest trends.

The Mediterranean kitchen uses dark wood and stone with arches and recessed lighting to create an appreciation for the traditional and classic. For this chef, cooking is an art filled with history.

The beach house kitchen brings summer vacation into your home with blues, greens and whites. Natural light creates a soft and welcoming feel and is suited for anyone with a practical, yet laid back look on life and cooking.

Now, have a look at your current kitchen and decide if that room says what you need it so say. If it does not, give us a shout for all of your kitchen remodeling services in Raleigh – it is your next step to a dream kitchen.

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Bathroom Cabinets To Inspire

Our teams here at the Cabinet and Closet Depot in North Carolina have recently remodeled a family’s bathroom in Cary, and the results were inspiring. What is more, the bathroom cabinets were redone in a stylish Indigo blue paint paired with brushed gold hardware in the bathroom. This lent an air of royalty to their bathroom that took everyone’s breath away (You can read more about this and other bathroom remodeling projects in Cary NC).

The reason why I mentioned this particular project is because we have done amazing jobs with bathroom cabinets in Cary NC, and this is only one of them. So, if a bathroom makeover is what you are looking for then why not start with the bathroom cabinets. Whether you want a complete overhaul or simply a couple of touch ups – we have gathered the best bathroom cabinet trends for 2020 to inspire you.

Bathroom cabinet trends for 2020

The following tends hit hard in 2020, from colors to styles, there is a lot of variety – enough to suit any taste!


White, ebony and gray bathroom cabinets are all the style at the moment. These are universal colors that will stand the test of time, while suiting almost any bathroom style and flavor. They open the room up and add the illusion of more light, while creating a clean space. Pair these with a light colored counter top and you are set to go!
Brass finishes are also very popular at the moment, and pairing your color scheme to suit these will be a great decision.

Open shelving

Similar to the current kitchen cabinet trends, open shelving is very popular with bathroom cabinets at the moment. It gives a bathroom a spa-like appearance which is fantastic for those relaxing baths or invigilating showers!

How much of you storage space you want to be open is your choice – partial or full, it is up to you. Personally, I like a drawer or closet or two that can stay messy, while keeping the rest open and on display.

Open shelving adds space to a cramped bathroom while the right towels can add color and texture to the space.

Floating vanities

This is another bathroom trend that is starting to peak in 2020. Floating bathroom cabinets or vanities are great for creating space and adding flair to your bathroom. The height is adjustable and can thus be installed to suit personalized preference.

If you are replacing old cabinets with floating vanities, make sure that your floor tiling goes all the way to the wall, or simply consider replacing the flooring while doing the cabinets. You can keep them open or choose to add drawers instead of cupboards, while painting them to style your bathroom colors. Wooden finishes for floating cabinets are also very trendy.

With all of these great ideas to inspire you, why not choose to add a bit of “new” to you life and redo your bathroom cabinets in Cary NC with the help of the Cabinet and Closet Depot.

Considering custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom?

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can be a fun thing to do, until you start looking at cabinets and designs, and nothing you see is what you imagined. Should you give up on your dream? Certainly not!

You should consider custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom!

After all, no two homes are the same, and neither are home owner’s tastes. Why should you settle for something less than perfect when you can have perfect? The answer is that you should not.

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot, we specialize in designing manufacturing and installing custom cabinets in Raleigh. Be it for a kitchen or bathroom, as part of a remodeling job or simply a cabinet replacement – we are the people for the job.

With many years of experience and a team of experts, you have nothing to fear. Here are some of the advantages of choosing custom cabinets.

1. You can design them to suit your taste

Finding what you are looking for can be difficult, and this is not only for people with eccentric taste. We all have different needs and flavors even when it comes to the rooms in our house, and what is fine for one person may not suit the other at all.

When you choose to have custom cabinets made for your kitchen or bathroom, you will end up with exactly the size, height, length, packing space and color you want. This cabinet will fit into your life seamlessly, instead of you trying to work around a misfitting cabinet.

We have a team of experienced designers and handymen that can help you get the best out of each cabinet, and they may even come up with practical ideas that you could not have thought of.

2. It will be unique

A couple of decades ago, fitting in was all the hype. Everyone’s home needed to look the same – keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak. These days, individuality and unique features are what home remodeling is all about. Each home owner can make their creative mark with their home by specially designing it to suit their purpose and pleasure.

Similarly, cabinets serve an important function in a home, and should be suited to the needs of the homeowner. The size, amount of storage, height and color should be exactly what you want, no compromise.

3. They will fit your room perfectly

This is another great advantage of custom cabinets. How many times have you walked into a room and thought – “I would have done that differently” or “That cabinet does not fit there, I wish I could move it”.
Unfortunately, in most cases, kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are stuck to the floor, and once they are in they are there to stay – unless you choose to replace them.

So, if you are going through all of the effort of remodeling, why not choose custom cabinets in Raleigh, so you will never have to wish you could move them again.

5 Advantages of Closet Organizers

Have you ever opened up a closet door and sighed at the prospect of finding something in there? Despite the fact that most closets have drawers and levels, they still seem to get messed up so easily, especially if you store a lot of things in them.

The truth is that a closet is only as useful as it is organized. Enter the closet organizer. These handy little things are probably the best thing since sliced bread – at least when it comes to staying organized and finding your belongings.

Whether it is a master walk in closet or a wardrobe unit, we at the Closet and Cabinet Depot specialize in compartmentalizing storage spaces with closet organizers in Raleigh, so you can locate your belongings with ease and efficiency.

If you are not convinced, have a look at these five advantages of closet organizers.

Advantages of closet organizers

1. Increased clarity
A cluttered space contributes to a cluttered mind. As soon as you spend some time and effort organizing the things around you, you will have more clarity on the inside as well. Being able to locate things immediately saves time and effort, and allows you to focus on the duties you actually need to do.

2. No more duplicates
Quite often people end up buying duplicate clothing or utensils simply because their storage space is so cluttered they either cannot find what they are looking for, or they forgot they have it. Being able to clearly see what you have and what you still need, will save you money in buying duplicates, not to mention the time you will save trying to find things you don’t have.

3. It’s easier to donate
This follows from the previous point. If you can see and find what you have, it is so much easier to identify things that you can donate to charity. Often times donating clothing or equipment happens only when we are forced to repack all of our things during a move. With better organized spaces, you will be able to find things to donate when the need arises.

4. More energy
Not surprisingly, cluttered spaces can actually make you tired. Being more organized can help you feel energized which is why so many people spend lots of money of apps, planners and calendars to help them organize their life.
Anyone with a modern lifestyle will know that being organized goes further than your calendar, and keeping all of your office supplies neatly stored will certainly make all of the difference.

5. Added storage
Last but definitely not least, is added storage. Having professional closet organizers in Raleigh help you compartmentalize your storage space will actually free up space for more stuff. Whether it is your office cabinet or your walk in closet at home, you professional team will get the most storage out of any space. Simply contact us for a free consultation, and be amazed at how much space you actually have in your office or home.

Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2021

Remodeling your kitchen may be a dream, but when it comes down to choosing the cabinet, tiles, paint and accessories, it may be quite a daunting task! With so many options available – how do you choose?

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot, we know all about choice. With our expert tradesmen, qualified sales people and friendly service, you will have all the resources at your disposal to make the perfect choice for your kitchen.

We stock a wide variety of kitchen cabinets and accessories, ready to view in our showroom. We keep up to date with the latest trends, and if you are looking for kitchen remodel ideas, our showroom is just the spot.

Here are some next year’s most potential popular kitchen remodel ideas to inspire you.

1. Sustainability

Over the years there has been an increased call for more sustainable kitchen features. Long lasting solid and sustainably sourced wooden cabinets and natural colors with a timeless edge. Similarly, quality appliances that are more energy efficient are very popular. Because of increased demand over the last couple of years, these appliances and kitchen accessories have become more widely accessible.

2. Monochrome and black kitchens

Monochromatic kitchen colors present a clean and elegant design that will complement not only a modern apartment but can even be incorporated into a traditional kitchen for the perfect family home. Online searches for ‘dark’ and ‘black’ interiors are more popular and searches for ‘black kitchen’ has increased 46% year-on-year, indicating a continuing trend.

3. Family first layouts

With multi-generation families living and working in one home, spaces have been evolving to be more flexibly functional. Breakfast nooks have expanded to include space for office work, while kitchen islands now feature space for food preparation as well as space for kids to do their homework.
Multi-functional storage spaces and more ergonomic space saving solutions feature increased shelving and closet organizers as well as top level storage for more room.

4. Lots of color

Gone are the days of drab kitchens with mismatching furniture and old boring tiles. The kitchens of 2021 will feature colored walls or even brightly colored cabinets and storage. From brightly painted walls, to colored kitchen tops or even expressive tiling – the kitchen has now become an expressive place where homeowners can make their mark…and their food.

Think vivid greens and brave purples, matched with natural wooden furniture to create a welcome and calm living space where people can meet, eat and even work.

5. Clever storage

Interior storage solutions will be featured heavily in the popular kitchens of 2021. Kitchen remodel ideas are featuring cleverly hidden storage solutions that can be used to stack away all of those unsightly kitchen stock. In some instances it is simple cabinetry to hide a fridge or dishwasher, or a storage design that minimizes counter top appliances.
In other cases it can be bespoke storage elements such as multi-purpose island units with custom seating, built-in appliances, and reactive banks of furniture made up of sliding doors, pull-out larders, pop-up shelves, integrated wine stores and departmental drawer solutions.

4 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Help Your Bathroom Stand Out

Considering remodeling that old boring bathroom but don’t know where to start? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you need a complete overhaul or simply want to change out a basin or bath, you will need to spend some time thinking about what you want.

Bathroom remodeling can be a daunting task, but at some stage it needs to be done. We are the leading bathroom remodeling company in North Carolina and we have all of the expertise needed to help you create a new, luxurious and inviting bathroom. At the Cabinet and Closet Depot, you will find everything you need and all the help you deserve in one convenient location.

Bathroom remodeling ideas

We are a dedicated team of experts that spend time without clients so we know exactly what they need. Our projects are important to us, and we value our clients options and ideas, respecting their desires and listening, so we can cater for their every remodeling need.

Although we can make your dreams come true when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, it is great to work with clients that know what they want. Here are a couple of bathroom remodeling ideas that can get your creative juices flowing.

Consider a simple shift

Sometimes a little feng shui is all that is needed to create a completely different ambiance in your bathroom. Moving the bathroom cabinet or shower can open up the whole room making it feel bigger and more spacious. Repositioning a mirror can add light and space, which is great for bathrooms that tend to be cramped.

Add some color

Nothing says “sad” like old faded and peeling paint. Add some color and patterns in your bathroom walls to liven it up and add some flair. There is no reason for a bathroom to be drab – especially not if you want to relax in warm bubble bath.

Consider what you want to feel when you walk in the room and choose colors to match. Grey, blues greens and whites create a calming and clean space. Blacks, reds, oranges and yellows are rejuvenating and exciting and will add some flair to your day.

Reconsider those cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are easy to replace and restructure, and can be positioned to take up dead space in the room. Extra storage space is great for towels and bathroom necessities, that can end up cluttering surfaces and crowing the shower.

Since bathrooms tend to be dark, choose cabinet colors to match lighting and add light to your bathroom.

Redo those floors

Despite the fact that we walk on them, floors have a huge impact on the rooms appearance. Patterned floor tiles or even rustic modern screening can add character and inspiration to a bathroom.

At Cabinet and Closet Depot, we offer a free consultation for new clients and projects. Come and chat with us for advice from the remodeling experts of the best bathroom remodeling company in North Carolina.

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