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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Project in Pittsboro, Chatham County, North Carolina

Please find “Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Pittsboro, Chatham County, North Carolina” project details below.

Showroom: Raleigh, NC
Designer: Jesse
Cabinet Line: Forevermark
Door Style: Townplace Crema cabinets
Countertop: Taj Mahal Quartz Countertops

This project for the Zastocki’s in Pittsboro as a new build design that involved much thought and process. The Zastocki’s partnered with our designer, Jesse because they needed help maximizing the cabinetry layout of their kitchen. They provided a basic floorplan design of the kitchen and worked with Jesse to make the kitchen functional for their needs.  Large drawer banks were added on either side of the range for functional storage of pots of pans, making them easy to access.  The island was enlarged to add more storage, and the refrigerator was moved from its existing place on the floorplan, and framed with pantry cabinets to create balance along that wall. They did not want their microwave below counter level so a custom wall oven cabinet was designed for a higher, easy to reach placement.  The Zastocki’s chose a warmer color scheme and paired the beautiful Townplace Crema cabinets by Forevermark with Taj Mahal quartz countertops.  We know they are going to be loving this kitchen for a very long time!  


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