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4 Essential Tips For Natural Granite Countertops

You might see several natural granite countertops at your friend’s house and wonder how much did they cost. If you are thinking that they might be expensive, that is not always the case. You should never let the price prevent you from getting a beautiful countertop.

Are Natural Granite Countertops worth it?
Granite slabs are popular choices for homeowners because they are unique. They are mined from natural stones that were formed without any human intervention so they actually last for decades. There are no two granite slabs that look exactly the same. They can also be considered as an asset because they will still be beautiful to look at even after so many years have passed.

Natural Granite Countertops are resistant to scratches and heat. They also have low maintenance. You can just simply wash your countertop with soap and water and that’s it. You need to seal it once a year but that’s about it. Sealing natural granite countertops will prevent stains from penetrating any cracks that can mar your countertop look.

If you want to get beautiful natural granite countertops without spending too much, here are some suggestions for you.

  1. Choose a company near your place. This can save you a lot of money. Installers need to travel to your home and granite slabs are heavy. You might incur additional costs in traveling expenses and accommodation expenses of the company crew if they are too far from your place. You can also get your natural granite countertop installed within a few weeks instead of months if you bought them from a company near you.
  2. You should choose carefully the quality of stone for your countertop. Granite slabs that have more soft materials in them will definitely cost less. However, they will not last long. If you are going to buy granite, choose a high-quality stone that has interesting patterns. You will be using a granite countertop for more than a decade so you might as well choose wisely. Consider the price as an investment. Cheap granite is low-quality and will crack more easily. Contact your local dealer to know more about them before buying them.
  3. Buy wholesale slabs. Make sure that you know the measurements of your kitchen countertop. You should choose full slabs. If the granite slabs are not enough, there’s a big chance that you’ll go back to the store and have installers work in your kitchen again for the second time. This can mean additional costs and effort on your part. You can ask for full slabs and later on, if there are still small slabs left, you can turn them into cutting boards or coasters. Cabinet & Closet Depot is one of the best wholesale slabs provider in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  4. Colors of natural granite countertops can vary. Red and brown slabs are more difficult to find and harder to cut. This means that they are more expensive than the beige, white and green-colored slabs. Your budget is a huge factor in making a purchase but make sure that the color matches your home décor for uniformity.

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