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Bathroom Cabinets To Inspire

Our teams here at the Cabinet and Closet Depot in North Carolina have recently remodeled a family’s bathroom in Cary, and the results were inspiring. What is more, the bathroom cabinets were redone in a stylish Indigo blue paint paired with brushed gold hardware in the bathroom. This lent an air of royalty to their bathroom that took everyone’s breath away (You can read more about this and other bathroom remodeling projects in Cary NC).

The reason why I mentioned this particular project is because we have done amazing jobs with bathroom cabinets in Cary NC, and this is only one of them. So, if a bathroom makeover is what you are looking for then why not start with the bathroom cabinets. Whether you want a complete overhaul or simply a couple of touch ups – we have gathered the best bathroom cabinet trends for 2020 to inspire you.

Bathroom cabinet trends for 2020

The following tends hit hard in 2020, from colors to styles, there is a lot of variety – enough to suit any taste!


White, ebony and gray bathroom cabinets are all the style at the moment. These are universal colors that will stand the test of time, while suiting almost any bathroom style and flavor. They open the room up and add the illusion of more light, while creating a clean space. Pair these with a light colored counter top and you are set to go!
Brass finishes are also very popular at the moment, and pairing your color scheme to suit these will be a great decision.

Open shelving

Similar to the current kitchen cabinet trends, open shelving is very popular with bathroom cabinets at the moment. It gives a bathroom a spa-like appearance which is fantastic for those relaxing baths or invigilating showers!

How much of you storage space you want to be open is your choice – partial or full, it is up to you. Personally, I like a drawer or closet or two that can stay messy, while keeping the rest open and on display.

Open shelving adds space to a cramped bathroom while the right towels can add color and texture to the space.

Floating vanities

This is another bathroom trend that is starting to peak in 2020. Floating bathroom cabinets or vanities are great for creating space and adding flair to your bathroom. The height is adjustable and can thus be installed to suit personalized preference.

If you are replacing old cabinets with floating vanities, make sure that your floor tiling goes all the way to the wall, or simply consider replacing the flooring while doing the cabinets. You can keep them open or choose to add drawers instead of cupboards, while painting them to style your bathroom colors. Wooden finishes for floating cabinets are also very trendy.

With all of these great ideas to inspire you, why not choose to add a bit of “new” to you life and redo your bathroom cabinets in Cary NC with the help of the Cabinet and Closet Depot.

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