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Need more storage space in your home?

If you are considering renovating your home, why not add some more storage or even better storage to your house. Whether it is your bedroom closet or kitchen cabinets, the right closet storage systems will make all of the difference in your home.

Well organized closets not only provide you with more storage space, but leave your home less cluttered as well. It is easier to find you belongings and even promotes better productivity – especially for us folks working from home these days.

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot, we know everything there is to know about closet storage systems. Not only do we offer bespoke service for those who need something extraordinary, but we have wide range of ready-made closet storage systems that can either be newly installed or simply incorporated into your current closets and cabinets.

We specialize in storage systems for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and home offices. From secret shelving to additional closets and charging stations for all of your tech. Whatever your storage need is, we can cater for any room and any situation.

So, if you need to make more space – opt to add some storage or to organize your excising storage better with our professional help. In the meanwhile here are a couple of tips to keep your closets better organized and more functional.

  1. Clean it all out

There is no way to determine how much space you have for storage if it is all cluttered. The best way to reorganize your storage space in any room is to clean it all out and start from scratch. While you are at it, you can actually clean the cupboards too – to make a fresh start.

This will also give your the time to choose how you will organize each storage space, before you begin packing.

  1. Add some storage boxes

An easy way to help compartmentalize your shelving or cabinets is to add some storage boxes. This is especially true for things your don’t use every day. If they are properly labeled they not only add well organized space to your closets, but will make things easier to find.

  1. Add some vertical levels

Many people are surprised to see how much storage space is left unused in cupboards, especially under hanging clothes. If you choose some monochrome storage boxes to stack, it can add texture and functionality to your closet.

  1. Get drawer dividers

There is nothing as frustrating as looking for a missing sock in a sock drawer. By adding drawer dividers you can color sort your socks or stationary, arts and crafts gear or even cutlery, which significantly increases your chances of finding what you are looking for, when you look for it.

  1. Use that wall space

Dead wall space makes for great storage and can add a little bit of flair to your room or bathroom. A great example of things to store on your wall is jewelry. Consider buying or making a creative jewelry hanger that can go on your wall. This will free up some drawer space to use for something else.

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