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Closets, closets, closets galore! Closet systems in Raleigh

Closet systems provide a home with much needed and organized storage space. Nearly every room in your home will have a need for some form of closet – from kitchen and bathroom cabinets to pantries, walk in clothing closets and entertainment spaces – closest are vital for keeping your home neat and tidy!

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot, we specialize and assist in creating a storage space that will help you find your belongings with ease and efficiency. Our showroom is stocked with a large diversity of custom made or modular closets that would fit any storage perfectly.

With our competitive prices and the ability to be able to adjust any closet to suit your space and taste, your next walk-in, reach-in, pantry or media center will be the storage you only dreamed of. Without a doubt, these are the best closet systems in Raleigh.

Here are example closet systems of what you may find in our show room.

Home office storage space

Especially in these trying times, so many of us are working from home for extended periods of time. This means that the office has come home, and you will need some dedicated storage space to keep everything. Properly designing a workspace is important to ensure that every member sharing the space can perform their activities and stay organized.

Our designs include great components like countertop power and USB ports, under
cabinet lighting and pull out printer shelves to keep the top of your desk clutter free. This creates a space that is efficient and stylish, thereby increasing productivity.

Entertainment centers

We stock and design closet systems specifically for entertainment areas. These can include, upon your request, great accessories such as ambient LED lighting, customized media storage, glass shelves and doors.

Custom designed storage for all of your media, gaming consoles, books, collectibles and memorabilia are simply a phone call away, and with our free consultation and competitive prices, no longer just a dream. Comfortable, safe and impressive are what we aim for when it comes to entertainment storage.

Mudroom storage

The mudroom is the entry way to your home, and keeping this space clutter free is vital. With a whole lot of weather gear, bags, suitcases, keys, umbrellas and much more – mudroom and laundry room storage is what helps keep the family moving.

In most cases, mudroom storage spaces are clean, functional and out of the way – so you can actually enter your home without loosing all of your things!
With that said, there is no reason for this space to be ugly, and having a beautiful entryway is a great welcome home.

Pantry cupboards

Pantry storage needs to be convenient, visible and easy to access. This will save you a lot of time, effort and waste in the end. We specialize in adjustable shelves and pullout drawers that create easy access to canned goods and spices.

With all of your kitchen essentials in one location, you will never have to run around looking for spices or utensils ever again.

Garage storage

For most families, the garage is a very important storage space. Beside cars and bicycles, this space often houses all of the gardening and sporting gear, as well as tools and other equipment.

Since the garage is often cramped, we offer overhead storage, organizers for the walls, racks for sports equipment and baskets that provide easy access to items like baseball gloves and balls.

With the best closet systems in Raleigh, there is no storage we cannot handle.

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