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How to Cut Costs When Updating Your Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a makeover but are conscious of the hole it’ll leave in your pocket, rest assured that there a few things you can do to save on expenses. Whether it is rethinking your tile choice or shopping at a bathroom cabinets showroom, working within a tight budget does not mean you can’t achieve a beautiful new bathroom.

Keep the size and layout of your bathroom
Moving plumbing pipes can be costly – especially the toilet discharge and sewer pipe, so if you’re on a budget, it’s probably best to stick to the existing bathroom plan.

It can be very tempting to go all out when shopping for tiles, but if you don’t have wads of cash to spend, then you’ll need to reel it in. Tiling your bathroom can become very expensive because of the cost of the tile and the labor costs involved. If you’ll be doing the tiling yourself, then you’ll manage to save a lot of money. Otherwise, why not consider limiting your tile to the floor and only partway up the wall. By painting as much surface area as possible, you’ll be able to limit your costs significantly. Another idea is to opt for a cheaper tile for the largest area, adding a few classier tiles here and there as a feature.

The vanity and cabinets often work as a feature of the bathroom, so making a statement on a budget may present a challenge. One way of finding exactly what you’re looking for is avoiding retail outlets, which are typically more expensive, and opt for shopping at a bathroom cabinets showroom where you’re sure to find a bargain.

Replacing the sink, tub, or shower
The cost of replacing sinks, tubs, and showers can add up, especially if you factor in the demolition and installation costs involved. If you keep any existing fixtures in your bathroom, you’ll be able to cut down on bathroom renovation costs. You may want to consider renewing your fixtures with a new finish coat. A renewed sink can still look amazing paired with a new vanity from a bathroom cabinets showroom.

The remodeling of a shower can eat into your budget due to the tiling involved. One way around this is buying a pre-formed, one-piece shower stall.

Eco-friendly upgrades
If you are going to change certain fixtures, then you can save money in the long run by replacing them with eco-friendly alternatives. Low-flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads all conserve water, saving you money on your water bill, and they may not necessarily be any more expensive to buy.

Bathroom remodeling on a budget may pose a challenge, but not one which cannot be overcome. There are plenty of ways you can cut down on costs, and in some cases, such as buying at a bath cabinets shop or choosing eco-friendly upgrades, cutting down on costs does not equate with cutting down on quality.


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