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What you should expect from your kitchen remodeling contractor

Finding the right contractor for your remodeling job may not be as easy as you would hope. Just thinking about remodeling is already a challenge, and if the wrong contractor is involved it can become a nightmare. If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor in Chapel Hill, these are the characteristics of a good contractor that will go to any length to get the job done – the way you need it done.

They make an effort to see your home
This may seem natural for a kitchen remodeling contractor but you will be surprised how many contractors are willing to see you in their office, and work on a quote for you there. Getting them out to your home to see the space, take measurements and discuss the renovations can be a hard thing to do.
A good contractor will meet with you at your home so they can get a proper feel for what you want and need, and what is practical in your home.

The first consultation is free
A free consultation may seem like a luxury to you, but it really reflects the confidence a contractor has in his work and his team. They know that their reputation, skills and customer service can convince you to take them on for a remodeling job.
A contractor who charges you for the first consultation is simply looking to make an easy buck.

They listen
Does a contractor actually listen to what you envisage for your kitchen remodeling or do they simply bombard you with ideas? Listening means taking your suggestions into consideration, even if it is not the easiest choice. A good contractor will take your ideas and make them work.

They will come back to you with detailed plans and a quote
These days a contractor that does not employ a design team may not be your best option. The best contractors draw up detailed design plans using sophisticated software that display all of the necessary changes needed for the remodeling.
The plans are also drawn up before construction begins, and comes with a detailed quote of the costs, so you as the client can be fully prepared for the remodeling.

They will schedule a showroom visit
Once the pans have been drawn up, a good contractor will schedule a showroom visit with you so you can choose the right cabinets, paints and accessories for your kitchen remodeling. Once you have made the material selections and agreed on the details, the job start date can be scheduled.

The Cabinet and Closet Depot is a kitchen remodeling contractor in Chapel Hill, that specializes in customer sanctification. Our in-house design team and project managers are here to help you through your full remodel, from the initial design consultation, all the way through to installation and the finishing touches.

We have a wide knowledge of design and construction considerations and passion for kitchen design. In the end, it is our customer service that sets us apart from the competition.

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