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Renovating Your Kitchen In North Carolina? You have to read this!

Kitchen renovation in North Carolina. This may seem very forward of me but if you are considering renovating your kitchen in North Carolina area, you need to read this post. Many people have dreamed of redoing their kitchens only to end up with renovator who did not know what they are doing. So, before you consider signing up with just anyone calling themselves a renovator, read the rest of this blog and make sure to pick your renovators wisely.

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot we have a team of specialists that will work with you from consultation through to the final touches for your kitchen renovation in North Carolina. With years of experience and a great reputation, we have a 100% customer satisfaction track record.

So, although Halloween is passed, here are a couple of horror stories for you. Kitchen renovation horror stories…

The Adams Family kitchen renovation

Gwen wanted to remodel her kitchen last year, and consulted with a local company who gave her an estimate. Her brother-in-law caught wind and wouldn’t stop talking about how this contractor was ripping her off, insisting that he could do it for a fraction of the price.

Gwen graciously accepted the offer, unfortunately. First, her brother-in-law tore up the kitchen before buying the cabinets and countertop Gwen wanted, leaving Gwen without an operational kitchen for weeks. When he finally did buy the cabinets and countertop, he bought the cheapest products he could find.

The final result was doors on the wall cabinet’s that didn’t quite line up with the doors on the bottom cabinets; the countertop didn’t quite touch the wall on one side, and it hung over the edge too far on the other. To top it all off, Gwen’s brother-in-law insisted that the initial price they agreed upon was too low. He demanded more money, and the tension erupted in an ugly family argument.

The vanishing contractor

Bob decided to re-do his kitchen. He went to one of the big box stores and they gave him what he thought was a great price. This was before he realized that it didn’t include the tear-out of the old kitchen or installation of the new one. After calling a bunch of recommended contractors, each with their own problems, one said he’d come right over. He gave Bob a price and was paid in half immediately, with the other half due when he completed the work.

Bob decided to take the day off work on the day the renovation was scheduled to start, but the contractor never showed up. The next day, the contractor showed up and began tearing out the old cabinets. He got about three quarters of the way through, then knocked off for the day at about 3 p.m. He never came back. His phone doesn’t answer, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone at his place of business. There is any easy way to avoid being Glen or Bob, simply call the Cabinet and Closet Depot for you next kitchen renovation in North Carolina.

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