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Tips For Designing Your Perfect Vanity

Importance of the Vanity

Whether you are decorating a new bathroom or attempting to breathe new life into old bones with a redecoration job, one of the first considerations should be the bathroom vanity. A well chosen bathroom vanity is more than just a decorative storage unit, it can be the crowning jewel or centerpiece of your bathroom. With all of that in mind, there’s a few things to take in to consideration when looking for your perfect vanity.

What is the Vanity

Functionally, the vanity will perform a variety of useful tasks in the bathroom. First and foremost, it will be the pedestal for the sink, not only holding it but also hiding all of the associated plumping and pipework from view. Secondly, it will have a selection of storage options. Thirdly, and most importantly, a vanity will serve as a beautiful decorative piece. When you are picking out a vanity you will be looking at an incredibly range of designs and styles to suit your bathroom, with accompanying worktop to boot. The worktop itself will have just as many possibilities in color and style as the rest of the vanity.

Material Considerations

One of the main worries that you should have with any furniture that is going to be inside the bathroom is how well it will withstand the wet and the damp. Many materials will simply be unable to endure the kind of integrity damage that water can cause, making them unsuitable for being in the bathroom. Attempting to re-purpose older cabinets will let you see this issue first hand, as anything made from wood that has not been correctly treated will quickly start to fade or corrode. Many companies sell vanities and cabinets in this style, with correctly treated surface and wood, so that you can keep that same vintage feel but without the hassle of it potentially falling apart.


The other important decision that you’ll have to make with regards to your vanity is the material to make the worktop from. You will have a wide array of materials to choose from here, from plastic laminates all the way to real stone. Stone materials are usually the first image one will think of when imagining a luxury bathroom vanity. Materials like granite and marble particular shine here, possessing beautiful and one of a kind patterns that can make or break the bathroom decor. Unfortunately, these kind of materials will be more expensive and harder to maintain, but in the end they are worth it. Concrete is a solid, no-nonsense option too, that provides a trendy style when done right.

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