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Creative Ideas for Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone would like a complete kitchen makeover, but time and money does not always allow a complete overhaul. Instead of putting it off, or completely canceling the idea, why not start small and only redo your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets take up quite a lot of room in a kitchen, and besides the large kitchen appliances such as the oven, fridge and freezer, they have huge influence in the overall appearance of a kitchen. So, if you want an easy update in your kitchen, then redoing the cabinets is the best way to go.

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot, we have a team of experts available to advice and guide you on all the latest kitchen cabinet trends and our design and installation team are hands on the best installers of kitchen cabinets in Durham, North Carolina.

To get you excited and motivated, we have compiled a list of the most popular and creative kitchen cabinet revamp ideas in 2020.

Do a color swap

There is no need to pluck out all the existing cabinets if they are still in good condition. Simply give them a new splash of paint to update the look and feel of your kitchen. Consider classic white cabinets with gold or silver handles for a clean and sophisticated look.

Or swap out the old for the eccentric with sensual red cabinets to add some flair in the kitchen. Black kitchen cabinets are very sophisticated and popular in 2020 and will certainly draw attention to you kitchen.

Consider glass panels

Kitchen cabinets with glass panels are all the hype in 2020. It gives the kitchen a homey yet sophisticated look. Try to keep some signature crockery in the cabinets to accentuate the glass features and add some texture and color to you kitchen.

Keep a few of the cabinets plain painted wood so you can have some crazy storage space that does not need to remain neat and tidy all of the time.

Add some texture

Even if you are considering a new coat of paint, why not add some texture to your cabinet doors. Wood paneling or even borders are easy to install and make all of the difference to boring kitchen cabinets.

This is a great way to add some flair to your kitchen without painting your cabinets bright colors.

Add some open shelving

Feeling creative and inspired, why not remove the kitchen cabinet doors altogether and paint the inside of the cabinets bright colors. Load them with your favorite kitchen accessories, vintage crockery and some eccentric glasses and you are all set for a fun space to cook in.

Open shelving is a great way to open up your kitchen and add some flair without breaking the bank…or your back!

So, if you are inspired to redo your kitchen cabinets, come and visit us at the Cabinet and Closet Depot. A free consultation with our expert re-modelers is all you need to revamp your kitchen simply by restyling your kitchen cabinets in Durham NC.

Why Your House Needs Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Services

The kitchen and bathroom are probably the two most used and most neglected rooms in a house. In most houses, these are functional and cluttered with decoration stemming from the previous decade. Their frequent use also means that they are the dirtiest rooms in the house…most likely with some peeling pant and outdated floor tiles.

Yet, because these rooms are used so much, not only by the house inhabitants, but also by visitors, they should receive a lot more attention than they do. This is why we here at Cabinet and Closet Depot offer the best kitchen and bath remodeling services in Raleigh. If you are not convinced you need a remodel – look at these reasons why you deserve one.

1. The kitchen is the heart of the home

The kitchen is indeed the heart of the home. It is here where meals are prepared and families gather to share their days. This is the place where memories are made – Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving lunches, birthday cakes and family bake-offs.

Make sure this space says what you need it to say about your family – are you neat and functional, or homey and fresh? Do you love to bake or is the newest kitchen tech important to you? Chat to us about what you need, and we can help you design the perfect kitchen for your family.

2. It will boost your resale value

Any improvements to your home will boost your resale value, but the kitchen and the bathroom are usually the most neglected spaces in a house and if they are clean, new and impressive, you will not struggle to sell your home.

These are the two rooms a woman will visit first when scouting for a new home, so set the tone for the rest of the house by remodeling your kitchen and bathroom to reflect what your home means to you.

3. It can increase energy savings

Appliances in the kitchen and bathroom are the most energy intensive. Ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers and geysers use the majority of a house’s electricity and if these are upgraded to more environmentally friendly and low energy alternatives, you can save a lot of money on your electricity bill.
More effective placement of certain alliances can also save on their costs, and sometimes renovation is needed to find the best and most functional spot for a fridge or freezer.

4. It can help you relax

Having your dream kitchen and the prefect bathroom can help you relax in more than one way. Beauty acts like a tranquilizer, which is why a beautiful home entices people to stay. Similarly, a beautiful bathroom will help you wind down the day in style and comfort, so you can go about your business with renewed energy.

From consultation through to adding the finishing touches, our expert team on kitchen and bath remodeling service in Raleigh, will work with you to create the kitchen and bathroom spaces you deserve. We do complete overhauls to transform your space, or even small changes that make big impact.

Closets, closets, closets galore! Closet systems in Raleigh

Closet systems provide a home with much needed and organized storage space. Nearly every room in your home will have a need for some form of closet – from kitchen and bathroom cabinets to pantries, walk in clothing closets and entertainment spaces – closest are vital for keeping your home neat and tidy!

At the Cabinet and Closet Depot, we specialize and assist in creating a storage space that will help you find your belongings with ease and efficiency. Our showroom is stocked with a large diversity of custom made or modular closets that would fit any storage perfectly.

With our competitive prices and the ability to be able to adjust any closet to suit your space and taste, your next walk-in, reach-in, pantry or media center will be the storage you only dreamed of. Without a doubt, these are the best closet systems in Raleigh.

Here are example closet systems of what you may find in our show room.

Home office storage space

Especially in these trying times, so many of us are working from home for extended periods of time. This means that the office has come home, and you will need some dedicated storage space to keep everything. Properly designing a workspace is important to ensure that every member sharing the space can perform their activities and stay organized.

Our designs include great components like countertop power and USB ports, under
cabinet lighting and pull out printer shelves to keep the top of your desk clutter free. This creates a space that is efficient and stylish, thereby increasing productivity.

Entertainment centers

We stock and design closet systems specifically for entertainment areas. These can include, upon your request, great accessories such as ambient LED lighting, customized media storage, glass shelves and doors.

Custom designed storage for all of your media, gaming consoles, books, collectibles and memorabilia are simply a phone call away, and with our free consultation and competitive prices, no longer just a dream. Comfortable, safe and impressive are what we aim for when it comes to entertainment storage.

Mudroom storage

The mudroom is the entry way to your home, and keeping this space clutter free is vital. With a whole lot of weather gear, bags, suitcases, keys, umbrellas and much more – mudroom and laundry room storage is what helps keep the family moving.

In most cases, mudroom storage spaces are clean, functional and out of the way – so you can actually enter your home without loosing all of your things!
With that said, there is no reason for this space to be ugly, and having a beautiful entryway is a great welcome home.

Pantry cupboards

Pantry storage needs to be convenient, visible and easy to access. This will save you a lot of time, effort and waste in the end. We specialize in adjustable shelves and pullout drawers that create easy access to canned goods and spices.

With all of your kitchen essentials in one location, you will never have to run around looking for spices or utensils ever again.

Garage storage

For most families, the garage is a very important storage space. Beside cars and bicycles, this space often houses all of the gardening and sporting gear, as well as tools and other equipment.

Since the garage is often cramped, we offer overhead storage, organizers for the walls, racks for sports equipment and baskets that provide easy access to items like baseball gloves and balls.

With the best closet systems in Raleigh, there is no storage we cannot handle.

What you should expect from your kitchen remodeling contractor

Finding the right contractor for your remodeling job may not be as easy as you would hope. Just thinking about remodeling is already a challenge, and if the wrong contractor is involved it can become a nightmare. If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor in Chapel Hill, these are the characteristics of a good contractor that will go to any length to get the job done – the way you need it done.

They make an effort to see your home
This may seem natural for a kitchen remodeling contractor but you will be surprised how many contractors are willing to see you in their office, and work on a quote for you there. Getting them out to your home to see the space, take measurements and discuss the renovations can be a hard thing to do.
A good contractor will meet with you at your home so they can get a proper feel for what you want and need, and what is practical in your home.

The first consultation is free
A free consultation may seem like a luxury to you, but it really reflects the confidence a contractor has in his work and his team. They know that their reputation, skills and customer service can convince you to take them on for a remodeling job.
A contractor who charges you for the first consultation is simply looking to make an easy buck.

They listen
Does a contractor actually listen to what you envisage for your kitchen remodeling or do they simply bombard you with ideas? Listening means taking your suggestions into consideration, even if it is not the easiest choice. A good contractor will take your ideas and make them work.

They will come back to you with detailed plans and a quote
These days a contractor that does not employ a design team may not be your best option. The best contractors draw up detailed design plans using sophisticated software that display all of the necessary changes needed for the remodeling.
The plans are also drawn up before construction begins, and comes with a detailed quote of the costs, so you as the client can be fully prepared for the remodeling.

They will schedule a showroom visit
Once the pans have been drawn up, a good contractor will schedule a showroom visit with you so you can choose the right cabinets, paints and accessories for your kitchen remodeling. Once you have made the material selections and agreed on the details, the job start date can be scheduled.

The Cabinet and Closet Depot is a kitchen remodeling contractor in Chapel Hill, that specializes in customer sanctification. Our in-house design team and project managers are here to help you through your full remodel, from the initial design consultation, all the way through to installation and the finishing touches.

We have a wide knowledge of design and construction considerations and passion for kitchen design. In the end, it is our customer service that sets us apart from the competition.

5 Tips For When Buying In Stock Kitchen Cabinets In The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area?

If you are in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area and are seeking high-quality kitchen cabinets then you are in the right place. But, how do you know that the cabinets that you are purchasing are of the best quality? Only a few companies boast great quality in stock kitchen cabinets in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. These are some general tips in making your first purchase of kitchen cabinets.

1.     Set a kitchen cabinet project budget
How much money can you afford to spend? Do you have to maintain a tight budget or you can allow a little leeway? Make sure that whatever your price point may be that you are receiving great value for the price paid. A lot of non-credible stores will trick you into paying a larger price for something that you can get at a more reasonable price here. Remember when shopping you stick to a kitchen cabinet provider that you trust.

2.    Have an idea of what you would like
Credible companies that provide in stock kitchen cabinets in Raleigh NC will have a wide variety of kitchen cabinets that you can choose from. They come in different styles and features and having an idea of what you will prefer, can save you time and money when you are shopping for new kitchen cabinets. However, if you do not have any clue about where to start, don’t worry. There are many trained staff that are ready to guide when making your first purchase.

3.    Find trustworthy in stock kitchen cabinets provider
Having kitchen cabinets in stock is the best. Just simply walk in and browse until you find the kitchen cabinet that suits your needs. It is as simple as going to the supermarket and picking out the ingredients you need for tonight’s dinner. It is convenient and saves a lot of time instead of buying a custom cabinet and waiting a long time to actually receive it. Then when you receive it does not meet your expectations or requirements.

4.    Pick a style
Now we reach the meat of the matter. After you have found the greatest place that sells the highest quality of in stock kitchen cabinets in Chapel Hill, it is time to come in for a consultation. With our very experienced and trained staff, you will be able to find the cabinet that you are looking for. Do you have a style in mind or are you in need of some help? It doesn’t matter, we are able to help. On arrival you must have a few questions in mind:

  • What is the color that I need my cabinets to be in?
  • Do I need a certain style of finish on my cabinets?
  • Do I need a soft close or not?
  • Your cabinet professional will be able you to assist with picking a certain style.

5.    Plan for delivery
When you purchase the cabinet, you can receive it within 5-7 days. Therefore, you will have to choose the optimal delivery time and then sort it out with the staff that is there to assist you. Then you can return home and wait for your beautiful new cabinets to reach your doorsteps. Or you can carry them home with you. The choice is yours.

There are many things that you ought to take into consideration when purchasing your new kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. The tips provided above is the general advice you need when buying in stock kitchen cabinets in the Durham area. With that, we wish you all the best and we hope to see you in store soon.

4 Essential Tips For Natural Granite Countertops

You might see several natural granite countertops at your friend’s house and wonder how much did they cost. If you are thinking that they might be expensive, that is not always the case. You should never let the price prevent you from getting a beautiful countertop.

Are Natural Granite Countertops worth it?
Granite slabs are popular choices for homeowners because they are unique. They are mined from natural stones that were formed without any human intervention so they actually last for decades. There are no two granite slabs that look exactly the same. They can also be considered as an asset because they will still be beautiful to look at even after so many years have passed.

Natural Granite Countertops are resistant to scratches and heat. They also have low maintenance. You can just simply wash your countertop with soap and water and that’s it. You need to seal it once a year but that’s about it. Sealing natural granite countertops will prevent stains from penetrating any cracks that can mar your countertop look.

If you want to get beautiful natural granite countertops without spending too much, here are some suggestions for you.

  1. Choose a company near your place. This can save you a lot of money. Installers need to travel to your home and granite slabs are heavy. You might incur additional costs in traveling expenses and accommodation expenses of the company crew if they are too far from your place. You can also get your natural granite countertop installed within a few weeks instead of months if you bought them from a company near you.
  2. You should choose carefully the quality of stone for your countertop. Granite slabs that have more soft materials in them will definitely cost less. However, they will not last long. If you are going to buy granite, choose a high-quality stone that has interesting patterns. You will be using a granite countertop for more than a decade so you might as well choose wisely. Consider the price as an investment. Cheap granite is low-quality and will crack more easily. Contact your local dealer to know more about them before buying them.
  3. Buy wholesale slabs. Make sure that you know the measurements of your kitchen countertop. You should choose full slabs. If the granite slabs are not enough, there’s a big chance that you’ll go back to the store and have installers work in your kitchen again for the second time. This can mean additional costs and effort on your part. You can ask for full slabs and later on, if there are still small slabs left, you can turn them into cutting boards or coasters. Cabinet & Closet Depot is one of the best wholesale slabs provider in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  4. Colors of natural granite countertops can vary. Red and brown slabs are more difficult to find and harder to cut. This means that they are more expensive than the beige, white and green-colored slabs. Your budget is a huge factor in making a purchase but make sure that the color matches your home décor for uniformity.

How to Cut Costs When Updating Your Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a makeover but are conscious of the hole it’ll leave in your pocket, rest assured that there a few things you can do to save on expenses. Whether it is rethinking your tile choice or shopping at a bathroom cabinets showroom, working within a tight budget does not mean you can’t achieve a beautiful new bathroom.

Keep the size and layout of your bathroom
Moving plumbing pipes can be costly – especially the toilet discharge and sewer pipe, so if you’re on a budget, it’s probably best to stick to the existing bathroom plan.

It can be very tempting to go all out when shopping for tiles, but if you don’t have wads of cash to spend, then you’ll need to reel it in. Tiling your bathroom can become very expensive because of the cost of the tile and the labor costs involved. If you’ll be doing the tiling yourself, then you’ll manage to save a lot of money. Otherwise, why not consider limiting your tile to the floor and only partway up the wall. By painting as much surface area as possible, you’ll be able to limit your costs significantly. Another idea is to opt for a cheaper tile for the largest area, adding a few classier tiles here and there as a feature.

The vanity and cabinets often work as a feature of the bathroom, so making a statement on a budget may present a challenge. One way of finding exactly what you’re looking for is avoiding retail outlets, which are typically more expensive, and opt for shopping at a bathroom cabinets showroom where you’re sure to find a bargain.

Replacing the sink, tub, or shower
The cost of replacing sinks, tubs, and showers can add up, especially if you factor in the demolition and installation costs involved. If you keep any existing fixtures in your bathroom, you’ll be able to cut down on bathroom renovation costs. You may want to consider renewing your fixtures with a new finish coat. A renewed sink can still look amazing paired with a new vanity from a bathroom cabinets showroom.

The remodeling of a shower can eat into your budget due to the tiling involved. One way around this is buying a pre-formed, one-piece shower stall.

Eco-friendly upgrades
If you are going to change certain fixtures, then you can save money in the long run by replacing them with eco-friendly alternatives. Low-flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads all conserve water, saving you money on your water bill, and they may not necessarily be any more expensive to buy.

Bathroom remodeling on a budget may pose a challenge, but not one which cannot be overcome. There are plenty of ways you can cut down on costs, and in some cases, such as buying at a bath cabinets shop or choosing eco-friendly upgrades, cutting down on costs does not equate with cutting down on quality.


How To Design The Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Looking for a change in your bathroom, but don’t want the hassle of calling a plumber? Updating your vanity can change your whole experience of your bathroom. This article tells you when it’s time to replace your vanity. If one of these applies to you, it’s time to get in touch via phone, email, or the contact form on your website.  Cabinet & Closet Depot professionals have years of experience and can guide you through every step of the process.

You need a new bathroom vanity if…

  • Your old bathroom vanity is moldy. Gross, we know, but it’s almost inevitable with some materials. The bathroom is a wet and often humid place. No matter what style of vanity you have currently, water is being piped through it, and leaks are unfortunately fairly common. Yes, you could treat the mold, but if it keeps coming back (or if the damage is too advanced for structural safety), ripping out the vanity and installing a new one might be the best solution.

  • You need more space for storage, or more space for people. Sick of banging your hip on the corner of the vanity when you duck into the bathroom under the stairs? Been shaking your head for a decade at the previous homeowner who decided for reasons known only to themselves to put a vanity the size of a postage stamp inside your Roman-sized master bath? Swapping out your current bathroom vanity to one that fits your current needs is an easy way to make your home a more enjoyable place to live.

  • Your realtor says so. Bathroom remodels can help raise the value of your home, or encourage a sale to happen more quickly than it otherwise might. Realtors or home appraisers often recommend them. If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s really necessary, we suggest getting in touch anyway. Our free in-home estimate visit has no obligation whatsoever — we’ll show you your options. Once you see what your bathroom could look like, you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s a worthy investment.

  • You just want a new bathroom vanity! If your home is your sanctuary, then your master bedroom is the inner sanctum, and the master bath is the sanctum santorum — the holy of holies. Arranging it to please your tastes and delight your senses is a beautiful gift to yourself. Or perhaps it’s a guest bathroom that needs to be updated, an outdated style that’s out of touch with the rest of your home. Perhaps you’ve been drooling over the latest designs of wall-hung/floating vanities, or you’re itching to replicate an open vanity set up that you saw in a magazine, restaurant, or friend’s home.  Whatever your reason for needing a new bathroom vanity, our massive showroom is a great place to wander, browse, and get ideas and advice from our expert designers.


Our products are of the highest quality, and we personally stand behind them. Our team of design and installation professionals work seamlessly together to make your bathroom vanity dreams come true at a great value. If you need a new bathroom vanity, you need Cabinet & Closet Depot.

Tips For Designing Your Perfect Vanity

Importance of the Vanity

Whether you are decorating a new bathroom or attempting to breathe new life into old bones with a redecoration job, one of the first considerations should be the bathroom vanity. A well chosen bathroom vanity is more than just a decorative storage unit, it can be the crowning jewel or centerpiece of your bathroom. With all of that in mind, there’s a few things to take in to consideration when looking for your perfect vanity.

What is the Vanity

Functionally, the vanity will perform a variety of useful tasks in the bathroom. First and foremost, it will be the pedestal for the sink, not only holding it but also hiding all of the associated plumping and pipework from view. Secondly, it will have a selection of storage options. Thirdly, and most importantly, a vanity will serve as a beautiful decorative piece. When you are picking out a vanity you will be looking at an incredibly range of designs and styles to suit your bathroom, with accompanying worktop to boot. The worktop itself will have just as many possibilities in color and style as the rest of the vanity.

Material Considerations

One of the main worries that you should have with any furniture that is going to be inside the bathroom is how well it will withstand the wet and the damp. Many materials will simply be unable to endure the kind of integrity damage that water can cause, making them unsuitable for being in the bathroom. Attempting to re-purpose older cabinets will let you see this issue first hand, as anything made from wood that has not been correctly treated will quickly start to fade or corrode. Many companies sell vanities and cabinets in this style, with correctly treated surface and wood, so that you can keep that same vintage feel but without the hassle of it potentially falling apart.


The other important decision that you’ll have to make with regards to your vanity is the material to make the worktop from. You will have a wide array of materials to choose from here, from plastic laminates all the way to real stone. Stone materials are usually the first image one will think of when imagining a luxury bathroom vanity. Materials like granite and marble particular shine here, possessing beautiful and one of a kind patterns that can make or break the bathroom decor. Unfortunately, these kind of materials will be more expensive and harder to maintain, but in the end they are worth it. Concrete is a solid, no-nonsense option too, that provides a trendy style when done right.

The Differences Between Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Many people assume that a cabinet is a cabinet — what will hold rice and pasta in your kitchen must work just as well for towels and extra toothbrushes in your bathroom, right?

Wrong. There are significant differences between these two types of storage solutions.  Cabinets are generally categorized by three elements — design, construction, and finish. Bathroom cabinets differ from those in the kitchen in all three categories.


You may never have consciously noticed this, but bathroom cabinets are not the same size as their kitchen cousins. The difference is small, but perceptible once you know to look for it. The next time you’re standing at your kitchen and bathroom counters, lean against them and mentally note how far away you are from the wall.  You’ll likely notice a difference of about three inches.  Bathroom cabinets are also shorter by about 3 inches. This allows the home dweller to easily navigate around the cabinets in the smallest room of the house, while still having plenty of room for towels and bath products.

Another design difference between the bathroom and the kitchen is the popularity of wall-mounted lower cabinets in the bathroom. These have a sleek look and allow easy cleaning underneath. They wouldn’t make sense in a kitchen, where other appliances reach the floor, and maximizing storage space is a priority.


Your bathroom cabinets stand a higher risk of being exposed to water than your kitchen cabinets do. For this reason, it’s essential to carefully choose the construction material. The three usual options are; plywood, MDF, and solid wood. MDF (medium-density fiberboard can warp on direct contact with water, and it can’t be repaired. This isn’t the right choice for the cabinet directly next to your shower. Our in-home consultation can help decide how likely you are to get water damage, and this can inform your bathroom cabinet decision.  Plywood is sturdy and in the mid-range, price-wise.  It’s less likely to warp, is repairable, and does not expand when it comes into contact with humidity, making it a solid choice for any bathroom.  Solid wood is the final choice of construction material. This does tend to be a bit more costly than plywood or MDF. It can expand and/or warp when it gets humid. However, unlike MDF, it can be repaired. Solid wood is a fantastic design choice and suits the decor of any home. Many of our customers choose something from our line of solid wood cabinets because they know they will last for years and years to come. At least, as long as they have proper protection, which brings us to the last difference to consider between kitchen and bathroom cabinets: finish.


Cabinets that will be used in a bathroom must be properly painted and sealed in order to last.  If you’re planning to paint your cabinets, we advise using a semi-gloss paint. This will reflect light and help your bathroom gleam.

Now that you know all about the difference between kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you’re ready to hit our showroom! Or perhaps you’d rather we come to you? Whatever your preference, we look forward to sharing our knowledge to make your home improvement project fun and easy.

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